Guided Minds

This is a judgement-free space designed for you to share your story with the world and help others currently struggling with similar situations. We all encounter obstacles and sometimes we don’t know where to turn to overcome them. Guided Minds is here to connect you with like-minded individuals, whether you need support, advice, or just someone to listen.


Guided Minds is a unique social media support group for a wide range of issues that we face. We are founded on a philosophy that it is always easier to give help than to ask for it. Our platform is designed for people who want to do either. We are all as unique as the stars in the night sky, and so our universe is built for you: galaxies (user communities) form, expand, and coalesce based on the needs of the people accessing the platform.

Once you enter our universe, you begin to define the safe space around you, and support systems form organically as communities appear. No issue area is too small or too specific. Nobody suffers alone, and there are people who are going through or have gone through similar hardships. Guided Minds is designed to connect you to one another in a judgement-free atmosphere, with the option for also engaging with professionals with experience in your unique situation.

Guided Minds was founded by a hodgepodge of do-gooders from around the country that want to help change the way we seek and give support. Our backgrounds include entrepreneurs, nonprofit workers, reporters, soldiers, actors, and volunteers.​

Our mission is to unite, inspire, and support people around the world by creating a safe space to share stories and spread hope.

Seek Support

You are not alone in the universe! Guided Minds help users seeking support to connect with people that are or were going through similar hardships

Influence Change

Share your stories, experiences, and messages of hope and inspiration to a wide audience of those that are seeking support

Find Your Community

Join a network of supportive individuals looking to share and learn from others

How It Works​

Expand Your Universe

The universe of Guided Minds is designed to expand, and so will the number of issue areas and intersections between communities​


Connect with a whole community or with individual users one on one - your audience is as wide or small as you want​

Define Your Experience

Get a 30-second positive affirmation on the way to class or long-term, professional offline help​


This app is revolutionary because it is satisfying a need in the making for years. We, the World, are in deep need of a safe space online that will inspire us to heal ourselves and the world around us. This is especially appropriate timing since a recent Harvard study published a link between active social media users and cases of depression. We need to give help and get help in the place we already exist: the online world.

Kelly A.

Amazing app! Very helpful, user friendly, and great idea!

Paul C.

This really helped me deal with the loss of my mother. Finding a supportive environment that made me feel connected to others at a time I felt so alone, means the world to me <3

Carly B.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I didn't know where to turn. It wasn't for a lack of information, but an overwhelming amount of information. Guided Minds helped me to clear my head, connect with people who have experienced the same, and find a healthy mindset to start my battle.

Kyle R.


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