Life is hard. Let's talk about it.
Guided Minds provides a soothing, universe-themed safe space for you to connect with like-minded people
going through the same stuff. It’s easy to feel alone or scared, and to feel like you have nowhere to turn
in your darkest moments. 
But you are not alone. Let us help you see that.


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Connect with Others
Stay as anonymous as you
are comfortable with, we’ll find
a way to connect you behind the
scenes to people with
similar struggles.



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Share Your Story

Share stories of your trials 
and triumphs. Guided Minds
is an equal platform for those
looking to receive or
provide support.
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Universe Revolves Around You
Communities are forming
organically around issues specific
to your needs, so you’ll always have
a group to reach out to.



You are not alone

Whether you need guidance at a critical juncture or just a burst of inspiration on the way to work, Guided Minds removes all the difficulties involved in traditional support groups – scheduling, rigidity, stigma – and retains all the positives without ever having to leave your comfort zone.
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Inspire Hope

Share your stories through video, audio, or text. Stay anonymous or share who you are. Either way, you’ll help others navigate their own hardships, while finding help for yourself too.


Universal Reach

Connect with people from around the world. Make lasting relationships. Form organic networks of support, and become part of something greater.
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What People Are Saying