Greg Fronda

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Greg Fronda’s experience has ranged from teaching children in low income communities, to starting companies, to serving in the Israeli Army, but the driving force behind all he has pursued and accomplished has remained the same: a passion for helping others.
Greg initially set out to inspire, encourage, and help grow the minds of our future generations when he graduated with honors with an Elementary Education degree. However the call to get in touch with his roots and help protect a smaller nation brought him to serve in the Israeli Army. That experience lead to his Masters in Counter Terrorism and Government and founding a Security Consulting Company that centered around teaching communities on how to defend themselves in active shooter situations.
His cumulative experience at his consulting company, working for a leading logistic firm, and driving business for a major NYC luxury magazine deepened his knowledge of business development, sales, client retention, and most importantly charitable partnerships. With a diverse background in the business world and a passion for helping others, when he was first approached with the idea for Guided Minds, it was easy to jump on board. He wanted to grow this impactful project from the ground up and help guide the creative passion of Ron Cardillo to deliver a product that would positively influence anyone with an Internet connection.

Imagine connecting the unique stories from across vastly different cultures spanning multiple time zones and bringing all of that experience, knowledge, and empathy to one place to help a person that is plagued by similar struggles. That is exactly what Guided Minds does. Greg sees the opportunity to harness the energy of millions to give support and create meaningful connections to those that need it. He will take the lessons learned from the past 10 years in the workforce to ensure it gets done right and that it leaves this world slightly better than it was when he entered it.