Ron Cardillo

Founder & CEO

Ron Cardillo has lived his life based on passion, love, and a deep desire to leave a positive impact on our little blue planet. In his time so far, he has found a way to reach numerous people across multiple walks of life. From working as a Police Officer to managing a successful Hair and Beauty Company, and everything in between, he has gained experience managing people, increasing sales, and running successful leading-edge companies. But most importantly, throughout his work, he recognized a need to connect like minded individuals to ensure everyone has the support they deserve in the hard times and friends to celebrate with in the good.
It all started for Ron over 20 years ago when he first ventured into the tech world. He worked primarily with Fortune 500 companies, Universities, and prominent Religious Organizations, where he managed, integrated, and trained users on video conferencing. Introducing a new world of web-based personal interaction to hundreds of people spawned his passion for connecting people across distances, though technology.
When he started a small distributorship in Long Island, he successfully grew the business in only a few counties, from less than $25k in annual sales, to close to a million dollars in a few short years, igniting his entrepreneurial spirit and honing his business acumen.
It was at the same time however that he heard the calling to serve at a greater level. He went on to achieve a lifelong dream of becoming a Police Officer and ultimately getting accepted onto the Greenburgh NY S.W.A.T team. During his tenure, he was awarded several Commendations medals, 2 Life Saving Medals, a medal for Meritorious Police Duty, became a certified Police and Taser instructor, an certified NYS EMT, and an Active Shooter Instructor. He realized his greater purpose in life was to serve humanity and guide them to do the same for others.
His spiritual maturity has been growing his entire life with over 30 years of training in various Martial Arts. His practice for the last 20 years has brought him to achieve a second degree black belt in his Mother Art, Kenpo Karate. The philosophies of this type of discipline went hand-in-hand with his interest in the metaphysical and a daily devotion to meditation and spirituality.
It seems all of the different paths Ron has ventured down have converged and guided him to this moment to bring Guided Minds to as many people as possible. With it’s positive, uplifting, and supportive nature, this transformational app can reach millions, making life-changing impacts on all it reaches.
Although he still has his hand in the family business of Hair and Beauty, the moment the idea of Guided Minds came to him during his meditation, he has targeted all of his efforts towards hopefully showing humanity we are more alike then we could ever possibly imagine.